Burlington Tire Rotation Service


Tire Rotation in Burlington

Tires are a critical safety component of every vehicle, yet some owners fail to care for their car's tires properly. Tires must support the vehicle's weight, keep it driving safely, and supply the traction needed to stay on the road. Driving on worn tires is dangerous, and it can also cause a drop in fuel economy. Rotating the tires regularly will help prolong their life and allow you to drive on the road safely. If you live in Burlington, tire rotation service is minutes away when you visit the Burns Hyundai Service Center in Marlton.

When you visit our dealership's service department for tire rotation in Burlington, the technician will move the tires to different locations. This usually entails transferring the front tires to the rear and relocating the rear tires to the front. One set of tires will usually switch sides, most likely the rear tires. We'll explain the rotation patterns for different types of cars.

Your vehicle's owner's manual should list the proper rotation pattern for your car. It will also detail the recommended tire rotation frequency. Most tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Since this is also the recommended interval for most service visits, the service technicians will usually rotate your vehicle's tires during your scheduled maintenance service visit.

Rotating your car's tires will help to prevent them from wearing unevenly. The tires will last longer, and there will be less chance that you'll have a blowout while driving. Your vehicle will handle better, too.

If you own a front-wheel-drive vehicle and you don't bring it to a service center for tire rotation, the front tires will wear faster than the rear tires. Your car will be difficult to control, especially when driving on wet or slippery road surfaces. If you fail to rotate the tires regularly, they can become cupped, a condition that causes cabin noise and vibration. And some tire manufacturers specify that the tires must be rotated periodically or it will void the warranty.

These are the most common tire rotation patterns:

  • Forward Cross: Most front-wheel-drive cars will use this pattern. The front tires move to the rear, and the back tires move to the front and switch sides.
  • Rearward Cross: This is for four- and rear-wheel-drive cars. The rear tires move to the front and stay on the same side of the vehicle. The front tires are relocated to the rear and switch sides.
  • X-pattern: Front-wheel-drive cars can use this pattern. The front and rear tires are switched, and both sets of tires move to the opposite sides.

We don't recommend trying to rotate your car's tires yourself. The service technicians at the Burns Hyundai Service Center have the tools, the experience, and the expertise to do the job correctly and safely.

Call Burns Hyundai to make an appointment for tire rotation service or schedule your visit on our website. You'll find our dealership at 550 W. Route 70 in Marlton. Check our website for our hours of operation and directions.